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What’s it about?

“From Nought to Thirty” is an honours year creative project that will reflect upon my journey through life from my childhood to the present, relating life events to my experiences of musical subcultures, participation, and identity.

The idea for the project was a result of timing more than anything else; when I began my honours year studies the class were given the task of generating their creative project concepts, which serendipitously coincided with my 30th birthday.

This will take the form of curation; a written work of auto ethnography, performance; creating songs themed on autobiographical events, and production; the act of recording and distributing the music. Due to the scale of the project it is unlikely to be fully completed within the context of my degree, however I will endeavour to finalise the project in my own time. As this is the case the ‘university’ project will take a shorter form, looking at least three years of my life; producing a piece of auto ethnographic writing for each, and also producing a short analysis of the relationship between identity and subculture.

I will be using this website to post articles, musings, and music as the project develops. The aim is to produce a short EP to accompany the text, containing tracks that contextually relate the events to the genre of music I was listening to at the time.

The full project abstract can be viewed here.

Paul Thomson
BA Commercial Music
University of the West of Scotland