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Meet Brian. He’s a moose that travels with me wherever I go. Sitting atop my dashboard, he is frequently and unabashedly subjected to whatever I happen to be listening to as I drive. Most of the time he seems quite into it, nodding along in a perpetual state of appreciation.

So I thought I’d share with you some of Brian’s life experience, listening to music that’s important to me, mainly because I didn’t really want to film my own face and plaster it on YouTube, and I felt that his experience reflects my own. I’ve also brought him to life a little with a cartoon-ish doodle…

Life of Brian Logo Sketch

With a little bit of digital magic (and hours of horrendous pixel related labour…), I coloured him in and made him the logo of the mini-series.

I probably experience more music when behind the wheel than any other place. I decided to use the original audio from the recording, rather than dub over with an album version of the songs, because I wanted it to sound as bad as it does in the car… road noise and other clicks and bumps that interfere with the aural experience. Frankly, it’s not the best place to listen to music from an aesthetic perspective, but it is a place where it captures my attention, especially on long drives.

Having been granted permission by the owners of the intellectual property, I’ve captured a few songs that I can link to certain years, specifically over the last decade that I’ve had my license. Point of sale for the original tracks are linked at the end of each video.

2009: Seminole; “Where I start you end”

This was an important song to me. I first met Seminole on the 22nd of May 2009. In the weeks prior the gig I had scouted the bands who would be sharing our bill at Cosmopol. This track was the stand out on Myspace. I knew all the words by gigtime… totally fanboy-ed out in the front row, chanting the chorus straight back at the band. To this day, the singer/guitarist Bobby is a good friend… and I still fanboy-out over his records. Also on the bill that night were a band called Maximum Ricky, all the way from Barcelona… stupidly good rock band.

2010: Tempercalm; “Vanity”

“Brilliant. Strangely hypnotic.” James Mackenzie, Tempercalm

I don’t think I can express enough how much I love this song. To this day I’m still a bit of a Temperfanboy even though I have frequently socialised with the band members and the band no longer existed in corporeal form. It’s just out there, in the ether. What I love most about this tune though is the fact I played it with them live at a fancy dress seven band extravaganza at the Classic Grand. It was also my birthday… but it was epic. Can’t get enough of that riff. For the record, Tempercalm were supposed to be dressed as ZZ Topp for the gig, but Dave forgot to buy the beards, so they were just three guys in nice suits.


2011: Sons of Icarus; “Not Myself”

<insert video>

These guys are a seriously impressive blues based hard rock band from Guildford. I first met them in 2011 at Pivo Pivo in Glasgow having been booked for on the same bill. They were an unbelievably powerful live act, so I brought them on board with the Scottish Rock Collective to tour with Sound Over Silence. Not Myself really captures all of their finest qualities in just over four extraordinary minutes. I love the rolling hammer on riffs, I love the vocal melodies, I love the groove, and I can’t get enough of the spine tingling guitar solo.

2012: A Fable for the Curious; “I Hide”

<insert video>

I was addicted to this song for months. It’s unadulterated chunk. I Hide featured on a number of mix CDs in my car, and it frequently made the playlist of my radio show. I jumped at the opportunity for an interview and managed to catch the guys at a gig in Pivo Pivo for the show Sabotage: Rock & Metal, linked below. Lovely guys, great attitude, bangin’ tunes.


More of Brian’s adventures coming soon…

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