Ethical Considerations

It will be important to incorporate social involvement as a means for generating contextual value to the work.

“Social context: other people play influential roles in our narrative and some come to be associated with a dominant value system.” (Muncey, 2010).

As this is the case I may require to seek permission to use real names from those third parties represented in my work. Heddon (2008) describes the ethical dilemmas arising from the representation of others as unavoidable in the delivery and performance autobiographical works. In a chapter titled “Ethics: The Story of the Other” she espouses the act of self-reflection on the part of the author so they “…at least know what it is they potentially do, to others, every time they tell their ‘own’ story.”.

On account of this it is likely that I will need to keep an open dialogue with lecturing staff for the duration of the project with regard to the ethical nature of elements of the work as it is generated or created.

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