This list incorporates influences from the point at which I first experienced them, and also songs and artists that I associate with certain memories and points of my life. Many, if not all of these artists, albums, and songs still contribute to my creative output today.

’89-’95: Primary Years


Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin IV; “Misty Mountain Hop”, “Black Dog”, “Rock n Roll”, “When the Levee Breaks”.

Queen: A Night at the Opera (1975); “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Seaside Rendezvous”, “I’m in Love with My Car”, “You’re My Best Friend”.


Black Sabbath: Paranoid; “War Pigs”, “Paranoid”.

Easy Rider Soundtrack: Jimi Hendrix, Steppenwolf.

Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon; “Money”, “Breathe (in the air)”, “The Great Gig in the Sky”.


Chris Rea: Auberge; “Auberge”, “Every Second Counts”.

Michael Jackson: Bad (1987); “Bad”: Dangerous (1991); “Black or White”.

Peter Gabriel: So (1986); “Sledgehammer”.


Annie Lennox: Diva; “Walking on Broken Glass”.

The Beatles: Sgt.Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967); “Sgt.Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band”, “Fixing a Hole”, “Getting Better”, “When I’m Sixty Four”.


Nirvana: Bleach (1989); “About a Girl”, “Love Buzz”, “Negative Creep”, Nevermind (1991); “Drain You”, “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, “Breed”, “In Bloom”, “Lithium”.


Blur: Parklife; “Girls & Boys”, “Parklife”.

Green Day: Dookie; “Basket Case”, “Chump/Long View”, “Burnout”, “When I Come Around”, “Welcome to Paradise”.

Nirvana: In Utero; “Serve the Servants”, “Rape Me”, “Heart Shaped Box”, “All Apologies”.

The Offspring: Smash; “Genocide”, “Smash”, “Nitro (Youth Energy)”, “Come Out and Play”. 


Blur: The Great Escape; “Charmless Man”, “Country House”, “The Universal”.

Green Day: 1,039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours (1990); “Going to Pasalacqua”, Kerplunk (1992); “One of My Lies”, “Words I Might Have Ate”, Insomniac; “Stuart and the Ave.”, “Walking Contradiction”, “Geek Stink Breath”.

Guns n’ Roses: Appetite for Destruction; “Night Train”, “My Michelle”, “Sweet Child of Mine”.

Metallica: Metallica (1991); “Enter Sandman”, “Sad But True”, “The God That Failed”, “Nothing Else Matters”.


’96-’00: High School


Foo Fighters: Foo Fighters; “Big Me”, “I’ll Stick Around”, “Alone + Easy Target”.

Irving Berlin: Brass Band Arrangements; “Puttin’ on the Ritz”.

Metallica: Master of Puppets (1986); “Master of Puppets”, “Battery”, …And Justice for All (1988); “One”, “Blackened”, “Frayed Ends of Sanity”.


Blur: Blur; “Song 2″.

Deftones: Adrenaline (1995); “7 Words”, “Engine #9″, Around the Fur; “Be Quiet and Drive”, “My Own Summer (Shove It)”.

Foo Fighters: The Colour and the Shape; “Monkey Wrench”, “Everlong”, “February Stars”, “My Hero”, “Hey, Johnny Park!”.

Pantera: Cowboys from Hell (1990); “Cowboys from Hell”, “Cemetery Gates”, “Medicine Man”.

Slayer: Reign in Blood (1987); “Post-Mortem”, “Raining Blood”.

Van Halen: Van Halen (1978); “Running with the Devil”, “Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love”, “Ice Cream Man”.


Anthrax: Spreading Disease (1985); “Madhouse”, “AIR”: State of Euphoria (1988); “Antisocial”, “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”, “Misery Loves Company”: Persistence of Time (1990); “Got the Time”.

Bloodhound Gang: One Fierce Beer Coaster (1996); “Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny”, “It’s Tricky”, “Fire Water Burn”, “Lift Your Head Up High (And Blow Your Brains Out)”.

Green Day: Nimrod; “Nice Guys Finish Last”, “King for a Day”, “Platypus (I Hate You)”, “Haushinka”.

Metallica: Load (1996); “Hero of the Day”, “House that Jack Built”, “King Nothing”, “Mama Said”, Reload (1997); “The Unforgiven II”.

NoFX: So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes; “Kids of the K-Hole”, “It’s My Job to Keep the Punk Rock Elite”, “Flossing a Dead Horse”, “All His Suits are Torn”.

The Offspring: Americana; “The Kids Aren’t Alright”, “Pay the Man”, “Walla Walla”, “The End of the Line”.

Smashing Pumpkins: Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (1995); “Zero”, “Bullet with Butterfly Wings”, “Tonight, Tonight”, “Muzzle”, “1979”: Adore (1998); “Ava Adore”.


Blink 182: Dude Ranch (1997); “Dammit”: Enema of the State; “All the Small Things”, “Going Away to College”, “Dumpweed”.

Blur: 13; “Coffee & TV”.

Feeder: Swim (1996); “WIT”, “Stereoworld”, “Sweet 16″.

Idlewild: Hope is Important (1998); “You’ve Lost Your Way”, “A Film for the Future”.

Incubus: S.C.I.E.N.C.E. (1996); “Certain Shade of Green”, “Idiot Box”, “New Skin”, “Nebula”.

Korn: Follow the Leader (1998); “Freak on a Leash”, “Got the Life”. Issues; “Falling Away from Me”.

Kyuss: Blues for the Red Sun (1992); “Thumb”, “Green Machine”, Welcome to Sky Valley (1994); “Demon Cleaner”.

Machine Head: Burn My Eyes; “Davidian”, The Burning Red; “From This Day”.

Metallica: S&M; “Nothing Else Matters”, “Battery”, “Human”, “Hero of the Day”, “One”.

Rage Against the Machine: Rage Against the Machine (1992); “Bombtrack”, “Killing in the Name”, “Know Your Enemy”.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Soundtrack: Dead Kennedys, Goldfinger, Primus, Sublime, Suicidal Tendencies.


Capdown: Civil Disobedients; “Civil Disobedients”, “Cousin Cleotis”, “Neverlution”.

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX Sountrack: Lagwagon, Pennywise, Rancid, Sublime.

Deftones: White Pony; “Elite”, “RX Queen”, “Knife Party”, “Change (In the House of Flies)”.

Faith No More: The Real Thing (1989); “Epic”, “Falling to Pieces”, “From Out of Nowhere”: Angel Dust (1992); “Easy”.

In Flames: Clayman; “Only for the Weak”, “Swim”.

NoFX: Pump Up the Valuum; “Louise”, “Pharmacist’s Daughter”, “Dinosaurs Will Die”, “Clams Have Feelings Too (Actually, They Don’t)”.

Queens of the Stone Age: Rated R; “Feel Good Hit of the Summer”, “Better Living Through Chemistry”,  “The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret”.

Rage Against the Machine: The Battle of Los Angeles; “Sleep Now in the Fire”, “Testify”, “Mic Check”, “Calm Like a Bomb”.

System of a Down: System of a Down (1998); “Sugar”, “Suggestions”.


’01-’08: Post Millennial


Alkaline Trio: Goddamnit (1998); “Sorry About That”, “Trouble Breathing”: Maybe I’ll Catch Fire (1999); “Fuck You Aurora”, “Radio”: From Here to Infirmary (2001); “Private Eye”, “Stupid Kid”, “Armageddon”.

Capdown: Pound for the Sound; “Pound for the Sound”, “Dub #2″.

The Dandy Warhols: Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia (2000); “Get Off”.

Feeder: Swim Re-Release; “Elegy”, “Chicken on a Bone”, “World Asleep”.

Fenix TX: Lechuza; “Threesome”, “Katie W.”.

Godsmack: Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 Soundtrack; “Awake”: Awake (2000); “Greed”.

Incubus: Make Yourself (1999); “Pardon Me”, “Make Yourself”, “Stellar”, “Drive”: Morning View (2001); “Nice to Know You”, “Wish You Were Here”, “Are You In?”.

James: Gold Mother; “Sit Down”: Laid (1993); “Laid”.

Jamiroquai: A Funk Odyssey; “Little L”, “Feels So Good”.

Jimmy Eat World: Bleed American; “Bleed American (Salt, Sweat, Sugar)”, “The Middle”, “Sweetness”.

Mad Capsule Markets: Osc-Dis; “Tribe”, “Pulse”, “Island”, “MIDI Surf”.

System of a Down: Toxicity; “Chop Suey”, “Aerials”, “Toxicity”.


Audioslave: Audioslave; “Cochise”, “Show Me How to Live”, “Gasoline”, “Set It Off”.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Soundtrack

Hundred Reasons: Ideas Above Our Station; “Falter”, “I’ll Find You”, “If I Could”, “Silver”.

Idlewild: The Remote Part; “You Held the World in Your Arms”, “A Modern Way of Letting Go”, “American English”.

Junior Senior: Move Your Feet; “Move Your Feet”.

Killswitch Engage: Killswitch Engage (2000); “Soilborn”: Alive or Just Breathing (2002); “My Last Serenade”.

Queens of the Stone Age: Songs for the Deaf; “No One Knows”, “Go with the Flow”, “First It Giveth”.


Chimaira: The Impossibility of Reason; “Cleansation”.

The Darkness: Permission to Land; “Love on the Rocks”, “Get Your Hands Off My Woman”, “Black Shuck”.

NoFX: The War on Errorism; “Idiots are Taking Over”, “She’s Nubs”, “Anarchy Camp”, “The Separation of Church and Skate”, “Franco Un-American”, “Whoops, I OD’d”.


36 Crazyfists: Bitterness the Star (2002); “Slit Wrist Theory”, A Snow Capped Romance (2003); “Heart and the Shape”, “At the End of August”, “Destroy the Map”.

Chikinki: Lick Your Ticket; “Assassinator 13″, “Ether Radio”.

Coven: Torment EP (EP)

Killswitch Engage: The End of Heartache; “Breathe Life”, “The End of Heartache”.


Deftones: B-sides and Rarities; “Change – In the House of Flies”, “Be Quiet and Drive – Far Away”.

Madball: Legacy; “Heavenhell”.

Mastodon: Leviathan; “Iron Tusk”.


36 Crazyfists: Rest Inside the Flames; “Midnight Swim”, “The City Ignites”, “Elysium”, “I’ll Go Until My Heart Stops”.

The Answer: Rise; “Come Follow Me”, “Never Too Late”, 

Audioslave: Revelations; “Moth”, “Revelations”.

Killswitch Engage: As Daylight Dies (2006); “My Curse”.

Lamb of God: Sacrament: “Redneck”.


Brothers Johnson: Look Out for #1 (1976); “Get the Funk Out Ma Face”: Light Up the Night (1980); “Stomp!”.

David Bowie: Space Oddity (1969); “Space Oddity”: The Man Who Sold the World (1970); “The Man Who Sold the World”: Hunky Dory (1971); “Oh! You Pretty Things”, “Life on Mars?”, “Queen Bitch”: The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust; “Moonage Daydream”, “Starman”, “Ziggy Stardust”, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide”: Aladdin Sane (1973); “Let’s Spend the Night Together”, “The Jean Genie”.

Marcos Valle: The Brazilian Funk Experience (comp. 2006); “Garra”. (later released on Samba de Verão (2010).

Michael Jackson:

Parliament: Mothership Connection (1975); “Give Up the Funk”, “Unfunky UFO”.

Ray Charles: I Got a Woman (1954); “I Got a Woman”: Ray Charles (1957); “Mess Around”: The Genius Hits the Road (1960); “Hit the Road Jack”: Blues Brothers Soundtrack (1980); “Shake Your Tailfeather”.

Seu Jorge: Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou Soundtrack


Clutch: Blast Tyrant (2004); “The Mob Goes Wild”, “The Regulator”: Robot Hive/Exodus (2005); “Burning Beard”, “10001110101”.

Mastodon: Crack the Skye; “Oblivion”, “Divinations”, “Ghost of Karelia”.

Metallica: Death Magnetic (2008); “That was Just Your Life”, “End of the Line”, “Broken, Beat, and Scarred”.

Orange Goblin: Healing Through Fire (2007); “Vagrant Stomp”, “The Ballad of Solomon Eagle

Reuben: In Nothing We Trust (2007); “Deadly Lethal Ninja Assassin”, “Agony/Agatha”.


’09-’14: Sound Over Silence


Crawford Smith: Stand Alone; “Back to the Start”.

Dave Gibb: Giggles (2006); “The Night of the Fiery Mitts at the Wanlockhead Inn”, Feeling Good…Looking Better (2006); “Privateer”.

Seminole: The Racist Atheist; “Where I Start You End”, “Vegequarian”, “Shapes”, “D.A.N.G.E.R.”.

Tempercalm: True Novella; “Vanity”, “Big Huff”, “Starter 4 10″, “Marc Temple”.


36 Crazyfists: Collisions & Castaways; “In the Midnights”, “Whitewater”, “Anchors”, “Trenches”.

Alestorm: Captain Morgan’s Revenge; “Captain Morgan’s Revenge”, “Nancy the Tavern Wench”, “The Huntmaster”.

The Ballachulish Hellhounds: Songs from the Great Atlantic Ocean; “The Cuckoo”, “Going Back to the Blue Ridge Mountains”, “Sweet Molly”, “Shady Grove”.

Black Label Society: Order of the Black; “Overlord”, “Southern Dissolution”, “Black Sunday”, “Parade of the Dead”.

Black Spiders: Sons of the North; “KISS Tried to Kill Me”, “Just Like a Woman”, “What Good’s a Rock without a Roll?”.

John Butler Trio: Grand National (2007); “Better Than”, “Funky Tonight”, Groovin’ Slowly”, Live at Lollapalloza (2009); “Ocean”.

Seminole: Pretty Up or Die; “A Wonderful Wonderful Hernia”, “Log 10 (Carnival, Clown, Pirate! Remix)”, “It was what it was but what it was was not for me”. 

Sound Over Silence: Only One (Single)


Carnivores; “John Actor is Monkfish”, “Five Go Mad on Mescaline”, “Our Corrupting Influence”.

Clutch: From Beale Street to Oblivion; “Electric Worry”, “One Eye Dollar”.

Katatonia: The Great Cold Distance (2006); “July”.

Mastodon: The Hunter; “Curl of the Burl”, “Stargasm”, “The Hunter”, “Dry Bone Valley”.

Mustasch: Above All (2002); “I Hunt Alone”, Latest Version of the Truth (2007); “Double Nature”, “Bring Me Everyone”, Mustasch (2010); “Mine”, “The Man, the Myth, the Wreck”, “The Audience is Listening”, “Heresy Blasphemy”.

Red Fang: Red Fang (2009); “Prehistoric Dog”, “Good to Die”, “Sharks”.

Vintage Trouble: The Bomb Shelter Sessions; “Blues Hand Me Down”, “Nobody Told Me”, “Nancy Lee”.


A Fable for the Curious: Ruled: “I Hide”, “Don’t Say Goodbye”.

Black Mountain: Wilderness Heart (2010); “Let Spirits Ride”, “Old Fangs”.

BlackWolf: Taking Root; “Finding Fables”.

Godsized: Brothers in Arms (2008); “Walking Away”, “Fight and Survive”.

LaFaro: Lafaro (2010); “The Ballad of Burnt Dave”, “Tupenny Nudger”.

Orange Goblin: Eulogy for the Damned; “Red Tide Rising”, “The Filthy and the Few”, “The Fog”, “Bishop’s Wolf”.

Red Fang: Murder the Mountains (2011); “Wires”, “Hank is Dead”.

Sons of Icarus: You Want It All; “You Want It All”, “Not Myself”, “Can’t Let Go”.

Sound Over Silence: Chronicles (EP)


Cactus & Cardigan: Gag Reflex; “Wizard’s Sleeve”, “Trust Me, Reggie Yates is Our Messiah”.

Cedric Watson: Le Troubadour Creole; “L’argent N’as Pas de Coeur”, “Baby Please Don’t Go”.

The Dissociatives: The Dissociatives; “Horror with Eyeballs”.

Heart o’ the Run: Natural Cask Strength (EP)

The Leon Hunt n-Tet: Farewell Blues; “Tongue Tied Jill”“Honey, You Don’t Know My Mind”.

Melvins: Houdini (1993); “Hooch”, “Night Goat”, “Lizzy”, “Honey Bucket”, Stoner Witch (1994); “Revolve”, Stag (1996); “The Bit”.

Mötley Crüe: Mötley Crüe (1994); “Smoke the Sky”.

Penny Black Remedy: Inhale… Exhale… Ok, Now You Can Panic!; “Half an Alpha”, “Up to My Neck In A Hex”, “Hypochondria is Not and Illness”.

The Rambling Boys of Pleasure: The Rambling Boys of Pleasure; “Tipping it up to Nancy”, “Rambling Boys Reels”.


The BelleRegards: Nothing to Lose; “Walking Away”, “Love Me”, “Holding On”, “Nothing to Lose”.

Carnivores: Let’s Get Metaphysical; “Insecuricor”, “Scottish Football”, “This Sinking Ship”, “Lion Tamer”.

Heart o’ the Run: She’s Got Legs (EP)


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