2010 was the first full year of activity in Sound Over Silence; we released our first single, and my second musical contribution to the band, ‘Only One’. It was released in the Grand Ballroom at Sloan’s, Glasgow on the 8th May 2010, supported by good friends Seminole (Glasgow) and Millsyeck (Dundee).

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Shortly before its release on iTunes, ‘Only One’ won Tom Russell’s A&R Session competition on Rock Radio, having been voted through by listeners for five consecutive weeks in head to head competition with tracks by other artists. We were awarded an interview on national radio as a prize, and in all honesty, we had no idea what to do with that information. I sat there with Euan, like deer caught in headlights, as veteran rock jock Tom Russell interviewed a couple of guys who’d been together in a band for little over a year. I say like deer caught in headlights… it wasn’t that I didn’t have anything to say, I was just trying really hard to keep my language clean for the radio! Whatever the outcome, we really weren’t in a position to capitalise on the exposure; we had one track recorded to release quality, and nothing in the pipeline. Great for the CV, but ultimately didn’t come to much because we didn’t yet have a folio of work to serve as a platform for progression.


As my relationship with the band members grew I became influenced by their musical taste and suggestion. In particular, my friendship with Adam Lochery proved to be productive and enlightening; Alestorm and the John Butler Trio entered my life at his behest. I’ll tell you something else, you’ve not lived until you’ve been to a Pirate Metal gig; rum, costumes, and numerous hooks amid a sea of fist pumps.

36_Crazyfists_Collisions_And_CastawaysAnother relationship set to continue was my love affair with 36 Crazyfists; I was absolutely infatuated with the sound of their latest record “Collisions & Castaways”. The ambient backdrops were the landscape upon which they painted their motifs,  taking the form of massive riffs delivered through thick tones. I was, and still am, absolutely hooked.

In summer 2010 I was winding up my HNC in Events. During my time at Stow College I was fortunate enough to be, for the first time, under the tutelage of experienced music industry professionals; Alan Rankine (The Associates), Ken McCluskey (The Bluebells), and Archie Dickson (Glasgow). They created a very sociable and supportive environment, facilitating events and assisting where necessary. At the time I was encouraged to manage the overall operations of Artbox at The Griffin; a night to showcase talent and allow the less confident students involvement in event operations. I used the opportunity to bring Dave Gibb, amongst others, back to perform in Glasgow.

One of Dave’s tracks that’s stuck with me for many years is a song about his first encounter with a slippery nipple. So, here it is; the Night of the Fiery Mitts at the Wanlockhead Inn.

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