’89-’95: Primary Years

The Past Comes Alive

N012 - TummelbridgeWhenever I hear the music from this period of my life I tend to find that a vicarious experience comes with it; songs that remind me of places times and experiences, more so than music I listened to in later life. This is possibly on account of the fact that my childhood memories are far more fragmented of than they are from more recent years. DeNora (1999) speaks of the semiotic power that music has in relation to the construction of memory, allowing the individual to relive ‘retrievable autobiographical memory’, acting as a device for replaying the temporal structure as an emerging experience.

Personally, the links between music and recollection of the material and aesthetic environment tend to be quite simple. In this era, I predominantly link songs or albums to places and environments as opposed to people or specific events; textures and feelings are definitely more prominent. Again, I believe this has probably more to do with the haze of memory in my pre-teen years.

For example, this wonderful album…

Sgt Peppers Tape

… reminds me of holidays in this contraption:

N015 - Ayrshire

This type of biographical association is evident throughout my journey in longer or shorter  forms dependant on the experience and the exposure to the musical article. There are a number of songs that remind me of ice skating, mainly from the very early 90’s; countless weekend trips to the Magnum are discussed in 1991.

At the end of the day, I was a pretty happy kid for the most part, and my musical taste was informed by the materials lying around the house… my Dad’s records and tapes. I count myself lucky to have a father who not only conquered adolescence in the 70’s, but also seemingly had quite good taste (for the most part!). The music of Led Zeppelin, Queen, The Beatles, and Black Sabbath were readily available to me and he didn’t seem to mind (know of) me playing his records. Gut instinct tells me that my tendency to listen to heavier music and predominantly guitar based music have developed from this initial exposure to bands that are now considered to be in the canon of rock and pop (Shuker, 2013).

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