As we begin this journey through the ages (literally) it should be noted that my participatory memory at this stage of my life is relatively sketchy. The music from this period tends to be related to feelings or associations with objects or places as opposed to being solid links with specific memories.

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The two records I have very strong recollections of from this period of my life were Queen’s “A Night at the Opera” and Led Zeppelin’s fourth album. Both belonged to my Dad, having lovingly kept them in immaculate condition since his youth. Needless to say, a four year old had a way of rendering and items condition slightly less than immaculate. In spite of this fact he, rightly or wrongly depending on your stance as a music collector or curator, did the fatherly thing and showed me how to operate the turntable.

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I still love both albums, songs from both regularly appearing on mix CDs for the car. Despite the legendary status of Stairway and Bo Rhap, because of my age and limited exposure or understanding of the world outside my front door, I had no concept or frame of reference for what was cool or commonly accepted as the best songs. The cultural significance of Bohemian Rhapsody  would not become apparent to me until my elder cousins introduced me to Wayne’s World in the mid 90’s. Seaside Rendezvous was my favourite tune. Sporting a plinky plonky quality that I found (and still find) fascinating, its olde worlde  vibe enamoured itself to me. On the flip side, Led Zep for me was all about that intro on electric piano; Misty Mountain Hop is still my favourite track on IV.

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